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Ethos of "Why We Make Bad Choices"

Carl Jung, the founder of depth psychology, proposed the existence of the collective unconscious - an ancestral past universal to all humans. Jung suggested that religion, rituals, folklore, myths, art, symbols, archetypes, and literature from our inherited past reside in this part of the mind that influences human behaviour. 

 "Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day Genesis 1-3" presents a transpersonal story of bringing our false self into awareness to transcend the ego, using the symbolic language of the Bible's creation myth in Genesis 1-3 to illustrate the impact of the human psyche in the modern world.

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Maria Liviero

Acclaimed author Maria Liviero

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'Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day
Genesis 1-3'

This book explores our sense of self and the source of the unhealthy behaviours and thinking patterns that cause us to make bad choices through the symbolic themes and characters of Genesis 1–3.

The journey towards understanding ourselves is undertaken by a character called Eve, who enters a parallel universe between Genesis and the present day only to discover the dark side of human nature that stems from God, and where she learns how to deal with the resulting false self.

This is a self-development or, some may say, educational book for anyone interested in investigating the depths of the human self and exploring how a false self can manifest itself, causing us to make unhealthy choices. It will take you on a journey where you will encounter both the good and evil that exists within all of us, a journey first introduced in the creation story of Genesis.

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Praise for 'Why We Make Bad Choices':

LoveReading ★★★★

"A unique mix of spirituality and psychology held within a narrative which serves as an argument for the place of spirituality in modern society"

The Book Review Directory

"'Why We Make Bad Choices' asks some deep questions about what makes us human, and Liviero provides some thought-provoking answers"

"A self-help book that uses an unconventional approach to inspect the human mind, trying to find ways to heal those individuals that are lost and are living inauthentic lives.

This book stands out for its creativity"

Literary Titan ★★★

Readers Favorite ★★★★

"Liviero profoundly ends her book with a very enticing invitation, stating that if you ever find yourself unbalanced, explore yourself so that you can return to Eden. Why We Make Bad Choices will be your roadmap."

Clarion Review ★★★★☆

"Why We Make Bad Choices is an innovative parable regarding evil in the world; it draws on psychology and the Bible."

What readers have to say:

Katherine B.

"We are a Christian family and my daughter also loves psychology so this book is great since it combines both aspects. I really like how it tells about why we have a tendency of doing bad things based on Genesis."

Anthony A.

This was a unique and powerful read. The author’s ability to write in a way that felt both educational yet relatable to everyone was a great use of voice and tone, and the philosophical discussions that the author’s work brings up help to bridge the gap between religion and psychology as a whole new way, allowing for the reader to really take the time to explore their own lives and the impact that one’s faith and morality can impact their lives directly.

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Book Review Directory

"For readers who are interested in expanding their understanding of the concepts behind the dark and light sides of humanity, Maria Liviero’s self-help book is a solid choice." 

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