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Acclaimed author Maria Liviero

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About Maria Liviero

I’m an author based in Buckinghamshire, UK, who’s passionate to share the importance of self-discovery and how personal struggles can grant opportunities to recreate your life. I’m a strong believer that mistakes are just your brain relearning, and that these situations do not only signal an end but can act as a new beginning.  I want to help people to reach a positive state, and that harder times should not be supressed by crutches to relieve them. I want to show that, while it might seem difficult, with guidance and support, there’s always a way forward.

Maria Liviero author
Why We Make Bad Choices preview

'Why We Make Bad Choices'

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My critically acclaimed debut book has received praise and resonated with readers. The book explores human suffering through a character called Eve, who enters a parallel universe between Genesis and the present-day life. I wanted to explore the darker side of human nature, and how important bringing light to these aspects of our personality can prevent fear and help us to learn about ourselves. I also wanted to show how we can reconnect with ourselves, and process and work through difficult times.

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Please note 

While I sincerely hope that my book provides you with comfort and help through difficult periods, it contains my own opinion and should not be used as definitive or clinical advice, and should not replace the input of a medical or clinical professional. 

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Praise for 'Why We Make Bad Choices':


"A unique mix of spirituality and psychology held within a narrative which serves as an argument for the place of spirituality in modern society"

The Book Review Directory

"'Why We Make Bad Choices' asks some deep questions about what makes us human, and Liviero provides some thought-provoking answers"

Literary Titan 

"A self-help book that uses an unconventional approach to inspect the human mind, trying to find ways to heal those individuals that are lost and are living inauthentic lives.

This book stands out for its creativity"

What readers have to say:

Katherine B.

"We are a Christian family and my daughter also loves psychology so this book is great since it combines both aspects. I really like how it tells about why we have a tendency of doing bad things based on Genesis."

Anthony A.

This was a unique and powerful read. The author’s ability to write in a way that felt both educational yet relatable to everyone was a great use of voice and tone, and the philosophical discussions that the author’s work brings up help to bridge the gap between religion and psychology as a whole new way, allowing for the reader to really take the time to explore their own lives and the impact that one’s faith and morality can impact their lives directly.

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