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About Maria Liviero

Buckinghamshire-based author's academic book "Why We Make Bad Choices" is available online. It offers a well-researched analysis of our tendencies of how biblical creation myth influences behaviour.

More about Maria, an award-winning author

Why We Make Bad Choices takes an academic approach, incorporating the teachings of Carl Jung's psychology of the collective unconscious and religion to illustrate how a creation story can profoundly influence our psyche and behaviour. The book also suggests that the story of Eve can be adapted towards a self-development story.

Maria Liviero author

More about Maria Liviero

Maria has a degree in psychology, an MSc in addictive behaviour, and a diploma in psychotherapy. She believes understanding the darker side of human nature is just as important, if not more so. By acknowledging our "shadow," we can overcome the fear and discord that can arise within us and our relationships with others. Maria believes cultivating self-awareness is the key to understanding ourselves and finding ways to transcend our false ego, freeing ourselves from self-imposed limitations. 

Liviero believes that it is important to embrace suffering rather than suppress it. Instead of using external factors like people, things or situations to deal with inner despair, we can use the experience to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Although it may seem impossible to escape a difficult situation and from the feelings, with guidance and support, there is always a way out. 

Please note 

While I sincerely hope that my book provides you with comfort and help through difficult periods, it contains my own opinion and should not be used as definitive or clinical advice, and should not replace the input of a medical or clinical professional. 

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