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Personal Growth Workshops

If you are interested in personal growth and would like to be involved in a weekend workshop with Maria Liviero, please get in touch

Expanding on self-development



Maria is qualified to facilitate workshops but decided to undertake a training course to supplement her experience at Tavistock and Portman, renowned for its mental health training.  The training will enhance her knowledge and practical experience in a group setting and essentially, the training will emphasise the importance of placing the well-being of clients first.


Unleash the power of your personal growth by enrolling in our weekend workshops. Join Maria Liviero, who leads you through transformative discussions and invigorating group exercises to help you unlock your full potential. Don't miss this opportunity to take charge of your growth and achieve your desired success! Take the first step towards transformation!


Our mission is to enable you to unlock your full potential by gaining valuable insight into your personality traits and thought patterns that might hinder your progress. This insight, coupled with the group's support and my guidance, is instrumental in self-awareness towards change.

You've got this!

Our group dynamic is a crucial part of the process, providing valuable feedback and identification to help you understand and empathise with others who share similar struggles. Remember, you're not alone. Don't miss out on this opportunity to begin your inner journey.

Thanks for reaching out! We'd love to have you at our weekend workshops. We can confirm the dates and locations as soon as 8-10 people are signed up. Stay tuned, and we'll keep you updated.

Join us today and invest in yourself! You can find out more about self-development with Maria Liviero here or get in touch to ask any questions.

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An Integrative Model of Manifestaiton Goals

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While I sincerely hope that my book provides you with comfort and help through difficult periods, it contains my own opinion and should not be used as definitive or clinical advice, and should not replace the input of a medical or clinical professional. 

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If you want to learn more about my personal development book or enquire about delivery across the UK from my base in Buckinghamshire, get in touch to find out more!

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